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 Tuesday Afternoon Philly Outreach is so proud of  our  School Organizers!

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

There is virtually no limit to what young people can do, no social need they cannot help meet, and giving young people the opportunities to serve enables them to become contributors, problem-solvers, and partners with adults in improving their communities. –  Benson & Roehlkepartain

Colder weather is fast approaching and dozens of of schools are planning their own Coat Drive  to make this winter a little bit warmer for the homeless and let them know Philly cares.

These leaders of tomorrow know the joy of giving and the importance of supporting their own community.  If your school is just getting started,the followingg information will guide you through planning your Coat Drive – from start to finsh.

How Does It Work?
A School Coat Drive is an easy and convenient
way to help people in need in Philly.
Our goal is to provide every person in need with a
warm clothes. We want to help your
school create a successful and fun
event. Here’s how it works:
Selects the dates of your
Coat Drive – there is
no set time for an event.
Tells TAPO about your collection
plans and register your Drive
Hold your drive and arrange for delivery of
the coats and warm clothes to TAPO
Tells  TAPO about your collection 
and complete
the Share Your Success form
You can create the Coat Drive any number of ways:
you can solicit from families and friends, ask local
merchants or schools to allow coat drop-offs, or
arrange for a drop-off at your work place. The
possibilities are endless!
You get to create a Drive that fits the schedule of
your school.
A coat drive in early Fall might be a great kick-
off for your activities.
The holiday season from Thanksgiving to New
Year’s day is a traditional time to collect items
for people in need.
A January event lets you collect any coats that
are no longer needed after holiday presents
are received.
Creating The Drive
Here are some ideas to consider:
A school collection – You can create flyers to
go home to parents, posters for the school
and make presentations in class. Then collect
coats on a designated day or have a collection
box in the office.
Communication Ideas
Flyers announcing the
coat drive can be posted
in classrooms, cafaterias,
and meeting places – templates are available
from TAPO.
Share Your Plans
We ask that you notify us of your dates AS SOON
AS POSSIBLE so that your Coat Drive information
will be on the website.
We’ll need to know the following information:
Your primary contact person’s information:
name, phone number and email
The dates and times of your coat collection
Collection address
Publicizing Your Coat Drive
Use Social Media to let your friends know what
you are doing. You can like us on Facebook
 and then tag us in
your comments.
Collecting The Coats
got coats
Collection containers can be simple or fancy.
Schools are encouraged to design their own
collection containers. The TAPO
label or
handmade signs on large cardboard boxes work
great and are inexpensive.
Sorting The Coats
into Men, Women and
Children sizes will make it easier for us
to distribute.
Share Your Success!
Let us know your story.
An ideal way to collect and transport the
coats is to use a “trash” bag. You can fit
about 10 coats in each bag.
Certificates of Appreciation
We realize that  school projects are undertaken
because “it’s the right thing to do” and not be
cause of any “reward”. We also know that it’s nice
to be thanked.
Tuesday Afternoon Philly Outreach will create a Certificate of Appreciation for your school.
We ALWAYS love to see
photographs of TAPO
Coat activities – from collecting the coats, to sorting
 them out to deliver to us.
If you have questions or need further information,
please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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