In Philadelphia

If you know a homeless person in need of outreach call Project Home at 215-232-7272.

If you have a question about where meals are served or available resources dial 311.

If you know of a Veteran who is homeless or having a housing or utility crisis call UESF Veterans Outreach at 215-814-6888.

If you see a pet being kept outside in extreme cold contact ACCT Philly 267-385-3800.



Who can I call if I am homeless or need a place to stay?
If you are a single adult male you should go to the Roosevelt Darby Center located at 802 N. Broad Street open Monday to Friday 7am to 3pm. The number is 215-685-3700 or 3701.

Single females and Families with children may go to 1430 Cherry Street M-F from 7:00am – 3pm their number is 215-686-7150 or 51.

If you are in need of emergency housing services after 4pm and on the weekends; families with children should go to Salvation Army Red Shield located at 715 N. Broad Street. The number is 215-787-2887. Single women should go to House of Passage located at the 48th and Haverford Avenue. The number is 267-713-7778.

Where to Turn Guide


This pocket-sized Where to Turn Guide offers information for individuals seeking meals, showers, housing, and other assistance. Please print, cut, fold, and distribute.

Where to Turn Guide


Tuesday Afternoon Philly Outreach Partners With The Joy of Sox (Simply handing out new socks to the homeless)

Philadelphia PA December 2015 — Homeless lining up for distribution of clothes, food, and of course new socks at LOVE Park in Philadelphia. Tuesday Afternoon Philly Outreach is a Proud Sponsor of The Joy of Sox (simply providing socks for the homeless) Campaign. Call us, we’ll pick up!

Go forth and help, two warm feet at a time.






Mayor Nutter Announces Veteran Homelessness is Over in Philly

Philadelphia PA December 2015 — Since August 2013, officials said, 1,390 Philadelphia veterans have been connected to permanent housing. Mayor Nutter said 15 remain on the streets because they don’t want to be housed.

“I have a message for each of you who are still out there,” he said at a City Hall news conference, pausing for a moment to collect himself. “We honor your service and your sacrifices. You deserve a home. We won’t give up on you.”

Shown below is video of Philadelphia’s first Veterans Parade November 9 20125 produced by Nancy Bragin of agency-b productions for UESF. In video UESF Executive Director John Rowe hints at announcement.

Baby, it’s getting cold outside.

Temperatures are starting to drop, and the PA Prison Society is in dire need of winter items! That means coats, gloves, hats, scarves, earmuffs, thermals, etc — you name it, they need it. Donations can be dropped off at the PPS office at 245 N. Broad Street, Suite 200, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, or you can contact Nancy Bragin at Tuesday Afternoon Philly Outreach and we’ll gladly pick up.

Let’s show some Brotherly Love!


I AM Philadelphia 

charles wayne

Code Blue Weather Alert

Code Blue in Philly and 6000 homeless on the streets. Call 215-232-1984 if you see a homeless person in need of help – many emergency emergency shelters have been open and transportation is available.

In Bucks County the Homeless Hotline is 215-550-3578 staffed by the Bucks County Coalition to Shelter & Support the Homeless. Transportation is available and shelter locations listed on their website: co2ssh.org.

UESF Vet Outreach provides immediate assistance to veterans that are homeless or struggling to survive. Call the Vet Hotline at 215-814-6888 if you know of someone who served and is in need of help.

Bring pets inside. If you see an animal out in the cold call the Philly ACT Hotline at 267-385-3800. A new Philadelphia ordinance calls for fines of up to $500 for pet owners who leave their animals out in the cold.

In this frigid weather it’s important to feed the critters outside, water too.
Tuesday Afternoon Philly Outreach has emergency coats, warm clothing and food to the homeless. Volunteers are welcome to help with transportation and distribution. TAPO can be contacted by email at tuesdayafternoon.outreach@yahoo.com.

Housing for Vets Needed

 Lord, help me to see you in the poor, the homeless and the forgotten.

Starting May 2014 – Tuesday Afternoon Philly Outreach Partners with New UESF Program to Help Homeless VETS


There’s a trust issue there, and we hope to bridge the gap between the Vets and the UESF who has the funding, services and programs to help them. – Nancy Bragin of TAPO

waving flag

Tuesday Afternoon Philly Outreach has partnered with UESF to create awareness for UESF Vet Outreach, a program to help very low income veterans and veteran families who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless.  “This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while now” said a TAPO representative.  “The winter of 2013 was brutal, with a record number Code Blue Weather Alerts.  We’re extending our Tuesday Afternoon services to reach out to homeless vets who are coming to us for food and clothing. There is no reason for veterans who have served our country to be homeless.  There’s a trust issue there, and we hope to bridge the gap between the Vets and the UESF who has the funding, services and programs to help those who served.”

Vet Flyer final jul 28

“Because those who served our country should not be forgotten.”

The UESF Vet Outreach Program offers a range of supportive services to help stabilize housing and assist those who served  acquire the resources necessary to keep them stable. Eligible veterans and veteran families can receive:


   Housing-based Case Management Service  VA Benefit Assistance & Referrals    Legal Assistance

                            Temporary Financial Assistance

                                  which may include:

                               *     Rent and Utility Assistance

                               *     Security Deposits

                               *     Moving Costs

                               *     Emergency Supply Purchases

                               *     Transportation

                               *     Child Care

BSM Front

UESF Vet Outreach Representatives can be found at Broad Street Ministries, local veteran support centers  and soup kitchens throughout Philadelphia.  Check individual websites for days and hours. 

UESF Vet Outreach on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UESFHomelessVetHelp




If you are a Vet or know of someone who served in the military and is in need of emergency housing services in the Philadelphia area call the

UESF VETERAN’S HOTLINE  at 215-814-6888 

About  UESF

Since 1983, UESF has provided over $65 million of utility assistance to over 150,000 families throughout the City of Philadelphia. By focusing on
the need for utility assistance as part of a larger housing stabilization issue, UESF has recently expanded its scope to assist vulnerable families with rent, mortgage and security deposits. This multi-tiered approach addresses the energy poverty problem in a more complete and holistic manner, allowing families to achieve a fresh start, and begin moving toward self-sufficiency.


1617 JFK Blvd., Suite 840, Philadelphia, PA

Phone 215-814-6822  Website:  http://www.uesfacts.org/



 Who We Are

There is so much need in this world. Always your hands must be a help to others and serve others.
Be like a servant to everyone in the world. ~Amma Sri Karunamayi

Founded in the brutal winter of 2013/14 to serve the homeless in Philadelphia.

Our History

think you're cold

34539_140788012614012_6467708_nThe Winter of 2013 in the Philadelphia area was brutal and relentless, the 5th coldest in recorded history. Nancy was in her warm, suburban home watching news reports about the snow and frigid temperatures. A Code Blue Alert was issued for the homeless out on the streets. She didn’t know what, but she had to do something. She rounded up her friends  and together they collected warm clothes and blankets, made a slew of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and headed out to Center City on a Tuesday afternoon to do what they could to help the homeless with a smile, something to eat and warm clothes.  The spark was lit and the fire still burns.

Mission Statement

tues pm

Human rights advocacy and catalyst for change.


TAPO is partnered with UESF Homeless Vet Outreach with a mission to help get all homeless and borderline veterans in Philadelphia off of the streets and into stablized housing.

Contact UESF at  (215) 972-5170  UESF Vet Outreach

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/UESFHomelessVetHelp


How You Can Help





We’re in need of t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, jeans, sleeping bags, toiletries, light jackets, socks, underwear, SEPTA tokens, water and  food items.

Contact us – we’ll pick up!

Cash Donations


Cash donations are greatly needed, appreciated and can be made via PayPal or credit card here –




Come out and volunteer  – we can guarantee smiles, gratitude and lots of heart-warming love that will immediately have you forgetting all your problems!


You live here.  Vote & get involved as if your life depends on it – it does.


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    Thanks for all that you do,

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