Agencies, Support and Information


Financial Agencies


This non-profit, nonpartisan membership organization ($12.50 per year) provides advocacy for concerns of 50+ year olds, free publications and information, and other services.

Accountants for the Public Interest

API connects individuals who need, but cannot afford, professional accounting services with volunteer accountants.

American Foundation for AIDS Research

amfAR is dedicated to the support of AIDS research, HIV prevention, treatment education, and the advocacy of sound AIDS-related public policy.

Americans for the Arts

Americans for the Arts provides extensive arts industry research, and information and professional development opportunities teaching artists.

Angel Food Ministries

Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing affordable, high quality food to those in need. Angel Food Ministries coordinates with local organizations to provide a monthly baskets of food at greatly reduced rates.

Artists in the Workforce

This document is a profile of the American arts community based on both census reports and the American Community Survey (ACS) from 1990 through 2005. Information includes demographics, employment and income, and residency.

Arts Education Partnership

Arts Education Partnership promotes the essential role of the arts in the learning and development of every child and in the improvement of America’s schools.

Arts In Education Fact Sheet

Benefits CheckUp

This is an online screening site where you can find information about federal, state, local and private programs that help pay for prescription drugs, utility bills, meals, health, and a variety of other basic needs.

Creative Educational Systems

This site is an excellent source for curriculum and activity resources.

Dana Foundation

Dana Foundation is dedicated to the support of activities and publication in education and arts. provides comprehensive information about disability programs, services, laws and benefits for disabled individuals and their families. The site includes material on employment, housing, education, transportation, health, benefits, civil rights, community life and technology. A state & local resource locator is also provided.…

Federal Trade Commission Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center provides links to articles from the FTC about all kinds of financial issues, including credit and loan scams, understanding and improving personal credit, and protecting yourself from bad loans and identity theft. provides information on public benefits by state. It is also has an online screening questionnaire that determines the benefits for which the user may be eligible.

Artist Health Insurance Resource Center (AHIRC) of The Actors Fund

AHIRC offers counseling in person, by phone and through e-mail to help people find affordable health insurance and quality medical care. Counselors can also direct people to financial aid resources, medical bill negotiation, payment assistance and legal services.

How Do I Help Someone Else?

This site encourages those concerned about a friend’s or family member’s substance abuse to be active, get involved, and to not be afraid to talk about the problem honestly and openly.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

IAVA addresses critical issues facing new veterans and their families, including mental health injuries, a stretched VA system, inadequate health care for female veterans, and GI Bill educational benefits. IAVA also provides valuable resources and empowers veterans to connect with one another, fostering a strong and lasting community.

Studio Protector: The Artist’s Guide to Emergencies

The Studio Protector is an information toolkit to help artists be disaster ready and disaster resilient. It is a self-help resource, geared for artists at all career levels, and includes information for before, during and after emergencies to protect, salvage and recover artwork and work spaces.


Medicare is a federally funded program that provides medical and prescription coverage for seniors and the disabled.

MFY Legal Services, Inc

MFY Legal Services, Inc. provides free legal assistance to low-income New Yorkers on a wide range of civil legal issues including housing eviction prevention, public benefits and entitlements, mental health and consumer issues.

Microsoft Office Tutorial

The Online Microsoft Office tutorial programs allows you to practice and increase you skills and knowledge in the multiple applications of Microsoft Office Suite

Motion Picture Production and Distribution

An analysis of the nature, conditions, employment and earnings, training, outlook in the industry over the past decades.

National Art Education Association (NAEA)

National Art Education Association promotes art education through professional development, service, advancement of knowledge, and leadership.

National Center for Learning Disabilities

The National Center for Learning Disabilities is an online guide to learning disabilities, early literacy and learning resources, as well as support center for adolescents and adults with learning disabilities. Their Parent Center provides tips, techniques and strategies for parents of children with learning disabilities. Their website also includes a resource locator, which can help you find resources such as testing, private schools, tutoring, financial aid, counseling, recreation and more. Online publications, bookstore, guides and educational material for children are also available.


National Dissemination Center for Children

NICHCY is a resource site providing information on disabilities in infants, toddlers, children, and youth, IDEA (law authorizing special education), No Child Left Behind (relating to children with disabilities), and research-based information on effective educational practices. You can search for information through their organization, conference and publication databases, and resource library. Resources organized by state are also provided.

National Endowment for the Arts Announces Research on Artist Unemployment Rates

Unemployment rates are up among working artists and the artist workforce has contracted, according to new research from the National Endowment for the Arts.

National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts

National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts is the national service for a diverse constituency of non-profit organizations providing arts education in urban, suburban, and rural communities.

National Hunger Hotline: 1-866-3-HUNGRY

The Hotline connects individuals in need to emergency food in their community, government assistance programs, and various social services.

New Eyes for the Needy

New Eyes for the Needy purchases new prescription eyeglasses for eligible low-income people through a voucher program. This site explains the program and how to apply, and indentifies national programs that provide free eye exams.

NYFA Source

NYFA Source is a comprehensive database of awards, services, and publications for artists in all disciplines. NYFA also provides information concerning disaster resources and relief.

Out of Sync & Focus – A Report on the Film and Television Industry

The current initiative has focused primarily on the greater inclusion of racial minorities in the broadcast network television industry. Although the accurate depiction of minorities in front of the camera continued to be a critical consideration, the impetus behind the current initiative was the belief that once integration took place behind the camera in executive and decision-making positions, the proper portrayal of the American public would naturally evolve.

POZ: Health, Life & HIV

POZ magazine chronicles the HIV epidemic, both in the United States and overseas.

Rethinking Drinking

This site offers valuable, research-based information to help anyone who drinks reflect on their drinking habits and how their health may be affected. The Rethinking Drinking website was produced by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), a part of the National Institutes of Health.

SAG – The Employment of Performers with Disabilities

There are approximately 54 million Americans with disabilities, and yet they remain virtually invisible in the media. In this report, individual with disabilities described their experiences and views about getting an audition, disclosing their disability and need for accommodation to an employer, treatment in the workplace, and perceived barriers to employment.

Sibling Support Project

The Sibling Support Project is a national effort addressing the concerns of brothers and sisters of people who have special health, developmental, or mental health concerns. They conduct sibshops internationally, which recognize that being the brother or sister of a person with special needs is for some a good thing, but is not so for everyone. These group meetings contain recreational and informative activities as well as discussions that are relaxed and supportive. Silbing Support Project also has adult sib groups, and SibNet and SibKids, online listservs for adults and children that are welcoming and instructive.


Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration is a federal agency that administers benefits to retired and disabled individuals, to spouses of living benificiaries, and to child and spousal survivors of deceased individuals eligible for Social Security benefits. (benefits for people with disabilities)

Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability programs provide assistance to people with disabilities. Provided by the Social Security Administration, this page incorporates details about their programs, a Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool and applications for social security benefits for adults and children with disabilities.

State Tax Incentives for Film Production

This document lists state by state descriptions of available tax redemptions and cuts backs.

Recovery Connection Treatment Locator

Recovery Connection provides drug addiction treatment options, help on substance abuse and entering a drug rehab program. Provided by Recovery Connection, this page offers data about addiction, treatment, as well as help finding a drug rehab. Recovery Connection gives you an overview of each state’s drug and alcohol problem compiled from a variety of federal and state government sources.

Survivorship A – Z

Survivorship A – Z offers practical, financial and legal information to people diagnosed with cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other life-changing conditions. The site summarizes government benefits and forms of insurance coverage, lists a step-by-step guide to managing finances, offers assistance in making employment decisions during treatment and illness, and guidelines for managing treatment, medications and pain.

Teaching Artist Journal (TAJ)

Teaching Artist Journal provides an ongoing professional development resource to clarify, enrich, and advance teaching artist research and practice.

The Actors Fund

The Actors Fund is a national human services organization that helps everyone – on stage and those behind the scenes – who works in entertainment and performing arts. As a safety net for those in need, crisis or transition, The Actors Fund provides comprehensive social services including counseling, crisis intervention and connections to local resources for personal, family or work related problems as well as emergency financial assistance for basic living necessities.

The Actors Fund Chemical Dependency Services Program

The Chemical Dependency Services program helps entertainment professionals and their families when there is a problem with drug and alcohol abuse or addiction. Social workers can organize interventions, make referrals to treatment, help coordinate care with treatment programs, and negotiate on the client’s behalf with insurance and managed care companies.

The Actors Fund Disabled Care Program

The Disabled Care Program provides supportive services for entertainment professionals and their families who are coping with a short- or long-term illness or disability. Social workers help develop personalized plans, and information and advocacy is available to help negotiate medical bills, coordinate public or private benefits, arrange for home care and facilitate referrals to community resources.

The Actors Fund Financial Wellness

The Financial Wellness program offers individual, couples and group services which promote healthy financial self-care for those addressing the role of money in their lives. The Program helps people identify strategies for solvent living, reducing or eliminating debt, and build stable financial future.…

The Actors Fund HIV/AIDS Initiative

The HIV/AIDS Initiative works with men and women in the entertainment industry to create confidential, holistic plans and support systems that will meet each person’s emotional, medical and financial needs over the long term. Experienced social workers provide case management, advocacy, crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, financial assistance, financial management skills development, and referrals to community resources.

The Actors Fund Senior Care Program

The Senior Care Program helps entertainment industry professionals who are 65 years or older and their families and caregivers to address a myriad of issues they may face on a daily basis. Services include assessment, advocacy, access to entitlements or other benefits, financial management and assistance, referral to elder law attorneys and general information and referral.

The AIDS Treatment Data Network

The Network provides treatment access and advocacy, case management, supportive counseling, and information services to people with limited resources living with AIDS and HIV. This website connects clients and providers with national treatment access and advocacy efforts.

The American Veterans’ and Servicemembers’ Survival Guide

This 599-page online book describes in depth the problems of the veterans and servicemembers (and their families), the benefits and services available, and the issues that will be decided in the next several years. Most important, it helps veterans and servicemembers understand how various agencies work not just in theory but in practice, and how they can cut through the bureaucracy and confusion and get the benefits and services to which they are entitled.

The Body: The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource

The Body’s mission is to use the Web to lower barriers between patients and clinicians; demystify HIV/AIDS and its treatment; improve patients’ quality of life; and foster community through human connection.
The Body has compiled over 600 HIV/AIDS-related topics, with extensive research for each.

The Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative (PNWHI)

PNWHI was created to address the many concerns women face when dealing with a serious medical condition. PNWHI social workers help women negotiate the steps that follow a serious medical diagnosis. Through intensive case management, access to individual counseling, support groups, educational seminars, linkage to community supports and short-term financial assistance, the social workers help women receive the nurturing support that they need.

Workers Compensation


The Workers’ Compensation website provides information for employees, employers, insurers, and medical providers about workmans’ compensation benefits and work-related injuries and illnesses.


ArtsReady helps artists and arts organizations be prepared for the unexpected, and ready to continue business after an emergency. ArtsReady is an initiative of South Arts.

The Actors Fund Mental Health Services Program

The Mental Health Services Program helps entertainment industry professionals and their families to deal with a wide array of issues including work and personal stress, anxiety, depression, life transitions and ongoing supportive services. Social workers provide evaluation and referrals, short term treatment, crisis intervention, advocacy and connections to community treatment resources.

Why Hunger

WhyHunger connects people in need to food programs and services in their community, and supports grassroots solutions that inspire self-reliance and community empowerment.

Air Charity Network

Air Charity Network provides access for people in need seeking free air transportation to specialized health care facilities or distant destinations due to family, community or national crisis. ACN is comprised of independent member organizations identified by specific geographical service areas: Airlift Hope, Angel Flight Central, Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic, Angel Flight Northeast, Angel Flight Southeast, Angel Flight West, Mercy Flight Southeast, and Mercy Medical Airlift.

Mercy Medical Airlift

Mercy Medical Airlift coordinates free airline tickets for missions over 600 miles and negotiates low cost air ambulance service for individuals and families who are in need of this service.

Air Compassion America

Air Compassion America seeks to locate and coordinate bed-to-bed air ambulance services with the overall goal of lowering costs for patients. ACAM assists healthcare workers around the country by providing multiple resource options, including a chartered aircraft equipped as a mobile intensive care unit.

Grace Flight

Grace Flight helps people in need of free air transportation for medical and humanitarian purposes. They operate nationwide either directly or through cooperation with other volunteer pilot organizations. All Grace Flight services are provided free of charge to those in need.

Corporate Angel Network

Corporate Angel Network’s mission is to ease the emotional stress, physical discomfort and financial burden of travel for cancer patients by arranging free flights to treatment centers, using the empty seats on corporate aircraft flying on routine business. Eligibility to participate is open to all cancer patients, bone marrow donors, and bone marrow recipients who are ambulatory and not in need of medical support while traveling. Eligibility is not based on financial need, and patients may travel as often as necessary.

Angel Bus

Angel Bus is dedicated to providing compassionate, non-emergency long-distance ground transportation to patients in need, utilizing motor coaches and their volunteer drivers as well as commercial buses. provides information on how to get help from the federal government before, during and after a disaster. It helps people understand the various forms of assistance available to them and how to apply for aid most efficiently, as well as find information about evacuating, finding shelter, getting food and water, getting medical services, locating loved ones, and recovering and rebuilding.

Federal Disaster Loans for Homeowners, Renters, and Businesses of all Sizes

The U.S. Small Business Administration provides low-interest disaster loans to homeowners, renters, businesses of all sizes and private, nonprofit organizations to repair or replace real estate, personal property, machinery & equipment, inventory and business assets that have been damaged or destroyed in a declared disaster.…

Strategic National Arts Alumni Project

SNAAP is an annual online survey, data management, and institutional improvement system designed to enhance the impact of arts-school education. They provide longitudinal reports on BFA/MFA graduates.

Americans for the Arts

Americans for the Arts conducts studies related to the US creative sector and the economic impact of the arts.

Support and Information


American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society website has information on learning about cancer, preparing for and coping with treatment, and providing support during treatment for patients and survivors of cancer, for family and friends of patients, and for the general public.

Cancer Care

Cancer Care provides free assistance to people with cancer at any stage of illness. Services include information about cancer and treatment, counseling and support groups, referrals to other support services, and financial assistance (for medication, chemotherapy and radiation treatment).

A patient-focused web site sponsored by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Patients can find information on types of cancer, diagnosis and treatment, coping with illness, and advocacy resources.

Gilda’s Club

Gilda’s Club is for men, women and children with cancer, and their families and friends. Every clubhouse offers support and networking groups, lectures and workshops, and social activities. All club programs are free.

Survivorship A – Z

Survivorship A – Z offers practical, financial and legal information to people diagnosed with cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other life-changing conditions. The site summarizes government benefits and forms of insurance coverage, lists a step-by-step guide to managing finances, offers assistance in making employment decisions during treatment and illness, and guidelines for managing treatment, medications and pain.

The Wellness Community (TWC)

TWC provides free emotional support, education and hope to people with cancer and their loved ones. This site has links to all regional Wellness Communities, which host support groups, programs and activities.

My Bridge 4 Life

My Bridge 4 Life is a wellness network designed to help patients, caregivers, supporters and individuals create a personalized wellness plan.

The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

The Ulman Cancer Fund supports, educates and connects young adults, and their loved ones, affected by cancer.

Burning Tree

Burning Tree is a long term drug and alcohol rehab facility. Burning Tree has facilities throughout Texas with a curriculum that is an innovative, holistic treatment based on spiritual principles that treat the whole person, as well as utilizing proven medical and mental health interventions.

The Mesothelioma Group

The Mesothelioma Group is a team of healthcare professionals, patient advocates, and communication specialists who have one goal: to lead the way in supporting and encouraging mesothelioma patients and their families. Here they provide an informative guide on understanding cancer.

Mesothelioma Guide

Mesothelioma Guide provides up-to-date support, information, and education to mesothelioma patients and family members. The guide also provides information about treatment, diagnosis, and ways to live longer with mesothelioma.

The Mesothelioma Center is a website and advocacy group that helps the victims of asbestos exposure and their loved ones. They connect visitors with the resources they need to understand and fight asbestos-related disease, all at no cost. They research the latest data about asbestos and asbestos-related diseases to ensure an accurate, up-to-date site, and maintain relationships with doctors and cancer centers to promote patient access to cutting-edge treatment.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center

The Mesothelioma Lawyer Center offers comprehensive asbestos and mesothelioma information with an emphasis on the legal options available to mesothelioma victims and their families.

Mesothelioma Specialists

Mesothelioma Specialists focus on connecting patients with specialist doctors and Cancer Centers. They provide support for patients and family members by offering up-to-date information on the best treatment options.
Their team of experts provides vital services and financial assistance for patients seeking treatment.

Mesothelioma Help

Mesothelioma Help provides a variety of information on Mesothelioma including access to local treatment centers and doctors, scholarships, real stories and testimonials of survivors, and allows visitors to directly contact a nurses.

Public Health – HIV/AIDS

Public Health provides a list of free online resources meant to aid to professionals and students dedicated to treating and preventing HIV/AIDS.
• Open access journals
• OpenCourseWare
• Research organizations
• Professional organizations
• Public awareness organizations

Facts and Information about Drugs and Alcohol

Youth and Drinking

The Cool Spot was created for kids 11-13 years old by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). The NIAAA is the lead U.S. agency supporting research into the causes, prevention, and treatment of alcohol problems.

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information

NCADI is a thorough resource of information about drugs and alcohol, addiction, treatment, intervention and prevention. Fact sheets and research on all addictive drugs are available.

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

The NCADD is a source for objective information about drug and alcohol use, including statistics and recommendations. Topics include health, medical and scientific information, and material geared specifically to parents and young people.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

The NIAAA has created a list of frequently asked questions and answers about alcohol abuse and alcoholism for the general public.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

NIDA is a source of information about drug and alcohol abuse for parents, teachers and young adults. Topics include the long- and short-term effects of drugs and alcohol, prevention guides, and statistics and trends in abuse.


TeensHealth offers a safe, private source of doctor-approved information that teenagers need to understand the changes that they (or their friends) may be going through. The website offers information about how smoking, drinking, and doing drugs can affect people’s lives.

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America

The Partnership helps parents and caregivers effectively address drug and alcohol abuse with their children. This website has information specifically geared to parents and teenagers about assessment, treatment and intervention.

This page discusses the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of alcohol, narcotics and other addictions.

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)

The principal purpose of ONDCP is to establish policies, priorities, and objectives for the Nation’s drug control program. This website provides information about types of treatment, principles of treatment, drug facts and links to related websites.

Addiction Treatment and Your Health Coverage provides information on healthcare rights when it comes to addiction treatment and how the Affordable Care Act has changed insurance coverage.

Preventing Alcohol Abuse in Teen and College Students

This page, courtesy of Lakeview Health Systems, discusses the underlying causes of alcohol abuse in teens and college students as well as ways to find help and treatment.

Addiction Center

Addiction Center is an informative guide about to the dangers of abusing alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs and more. They review top treatment centers to help you find the one that gives you or your loved one the best chance at a successful recovery.

Best Drug Rehabilitation – Prevention

This page offers professional insight into drug and alcohol addiction and prevention by providing various links to anyone seeking out information.

Alcohol and Drug Self-Tests


Alcohol and Drug Self Tests for College Students

This page of Fordham University’s website has links to e-Toke, an online marijuana self-test and e-Chug, an online alcohol self-test. These tests are designed to help college students evaluate their marijuana and alcohol use and the effect it is having on their health and well-being. However, this online test can be used non-college students as well.

This test gives personalized results as to whether your drinking patterns are safe, risky or harmful.

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Counter

This BAC calculator roughly estimates an individual’s level of impairment based on the quantity and type of drinks, weight, and span of time.


The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has developed several tests to assess personal beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors towards alcohol and drugs, to determine addiction risk level, and to calculate how much money is being spent on drugs and alcohol monthly.

Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test – Geriatric Version

This self test, used to determine whether your level of alcohol use is safe or harmful, is geared specifically to older adults.

Day Care and School Resources


Child Care Aware

Child Care Aware is an national child care resource agency, which connects parents with local child care agencies and resources. Their site provides information on availability of child care subsidies, choosing the right child care, licensing, accreditation and child care options (such as child care centers which provides care during non-traditional hours). Also provided is the Child Care Options Calculator, Child Care Finder, a glossary, publications and resources.

Head Start

Head Start is a national program that promotes school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through educational, health, nutritional, social and other services to enrolled children and families. The program provides grants to local public and private non-profit and for-profit agencies to provide comprehensive child development services to economically disadvantaged children and families. Child care services are available for infants, toddlers and preschoolers between the ages of 3 and 5. Their website provides program details, a Head Start locator and program directory.

The Parents League of New York

The Parents League of NY is a non-profit membership organization of Independent Schools and families. Affiliates include over 250 independent schools, including early childhood programs, day schools and boarding schools. Their website provides a directory of all their member schools and notes which schools provide extra support for special needs students. Most of the schools offer financial aid, visit their admissions page to find out details. The Parents League provides members with a variety of resources, such as babysitters, parenting classes, calendars of children’s theater and tutors.

Degree Jungle – Guide to College Internships

This online resource is a comprehensive guide about college internships. It offers information on skillfully locating, bargaining and accepting internships for students who wish to accelerate their real world learning and improve future job prospects.

Guide to College Student Mental Health

Learn Psychology has created a new resource to help college students dealing with the physical and mental stress of higher education. This Guide to College Student Mental Health helps students and parents identify common mental health disorders, their warning signs, when to seek treatment and how to manage them.

Self-Help Groups



The purpose of Al-Anon is to help families of alcoholics by practicing the Twelve Steps. This site explains how to find Al-Anon meetings, and what to expect at meetings.

Alcoholics Anonymous

This site has basic information about AA, and contact information to find the times and locations of local meetings.

Cocaine Anonymous

The Cocaine Anonymous website describes the organization, and has a database of contact information and websites to locate meetings across the country.

Crystal Meth Anonymous

CMA is a 12-step program for those in recovery from addiction to crystal meth. This site has a national directory of meetings.

Marijuana Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous uses the basic 12 Steps of Recovery founded by Alcoholics Anonymous. This site has a meeting finder for most states.


Nar-Anon is a twelve-step program designed to help relatives and friends of addicts recover from the effects of living with an addicted person. Click on ‘Nar-Anon Groups’ to find local meetings.

Narcotics Anonymous World Services

The Narcotics Anonymous has basic information about the organization, downloadable handbooks and a national events calendar. Click on ‘Regional and Area Links’ to find local meetings.

National Association for Children of Alcoholics

NACoA advocates for all children and families affected by alcoholism and other drug dependencies. This site has facts, advice and a list of resources for children.

Sober Circle

Sober Circle is an online networking resource where members can share their stories, meet and chat, and participate in online 12-step meetings.

Sober Place

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and websites are searchable by state, city and county on this site.

Government Agencies and Benefits


Benefits CheckUp

This is an online screening site where you can find information about federal, state, local and private programs that help pay for prescription drugs, utility bills, meals, health, and a variety of other basic needs. provides information on public benefits by state. It is also has an online screening questionnaire that determines the benefits for which the user may be eligible.



Medicare is a federally funded program that provides medical and prescription coverage for seniors and the disabled.

Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration is a federal agency that administers benefits to retired and disabled individuals, to spouses of living beneficiaries, and to child and spousal survivors of deceased individuals eligible for Social Security benefits.

United States Administration on Aging

The Administration on Aging works to ensure that quality long-term care for seniors. They offer a host of programs for seniors who are disadvantaged socially, economically, or in terms of healthcare. They also support the free, national Eldercare Locator hotline, 1-800-677-1116, which provides information on local services and resources.

Financial Advice and Planning


Money 101

CNN’s Money 101 offers a series of 23 lessons on personal finance topics such as controlling debt, hiring an advisor and buying a home.

MSN Money

This site has useful tools like savings and debt calculators, a retirement planner, and a credit estimator. There are also links to news stories about personal finance and advice from experts.


Myvesta is a nonprofit consumer education organization, offering debt and money management assistance and planning.


Seedco offers low-cost capital and free consulting for arts, non-profit or small businesses.

Women’s Institute for Financial Education (WIFE)

Though created by WIFE, this site is not just for women. It has articles and advice on topics ranging from how to talk about money with significant others, to teaching children the value of money, to enjoying life on a budget.

Credit Card Insider

Credit Card Insider is a website designed for individuals wanting to learn more about responsible credit use, debt management, and other financial topics.

Government Benefits


Benefits CheckUp

This is an online screening site where you can find information about federal, state, local and private programs that help pay for prescription drugs, utility bills, meals, health, and a variety of other basic needs. provides information on public benefits by state. It is also has an online screening questionnaire that determines the benefits for which the user may be eligible.


Medicare is a federally funded program that provides medical and prescription coverage for seniors and the disabled.

Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration is a federal agency that administers benefits to retired and disabled individuals.

Credit and Debt



AARP serves older adults, ages 50 and above, by providing information on topics like health, aging, and employment; by advocating on this community’s personal, legislative, and legal issues; and by providing a wealth of services to their members, ranging from a driver safety program to member discounts, to help with independent living and end-of-life issues.

Cardweb offers up-to-the-minute information on credit card industry news and practices, along with offers for low-interest accounts. helps consumers understand the wise use of credit, and assists in locating a certified counselor if necessary.

Free Annual Credit Report

A credit report contains information that will effect your ability to get a loan, and that can help guard against identity theft. Everyone is entitled to a free report annually.

Greenpath Debt Solutions

GreenPath is dedicated to helping people resolve financial problems. They offer a free financial consultation to help people understand the size and nature of their debt, develop a personal budget, and create an action plan to reduce debt.

Rights and Advocacy

Medicare Rights Center

Medicare Rights Center provides comprehensive information about Medicare options and rights through online resources and a telephone hotline service. Find information about Medicare, drug coverage options and accessing benefits on a limited income.

Medicare Rights Center

Medicare Rights Center (MRC) assists people who are enrolled in or eligible for Medicare with Medicare rights issues, which includes, but it not limited to, accessing benefits on a limited income, benefits counseling, and federal Medicare reform advocacy.

Employee Benefits


Workers Compensation

The Workers’ Compensation website provides information for employees, employers, insurers, and medical providers about workmans’ compensation benefits and work-related injuries and illnesses.

Identity Theft

Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft Site

This site provides detailed information to help deter, detect, and defend against identity theft.

General Assistance


Call 2-1-1 to be connected with community services in your area, providing services like food banks, clothing closets, shelters, rent assistance, utility assistance and physical and mental health resources.

American Red Cross

Links to local Red Cross websites are searchable by zip code. General information about disaster services, health and safety services, emergency preparation and other programs offered by the Red Cross is available.

American Red Cross Safe and Well List

The American Red Cross has provided a way for those affected by a disaster to register as safe and well, and for concerned family and friends to search for the status of their loved ones.

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities’ relief and recovery services are provided on a regional level, and respond to the need for emergency food, shelter, direct financial assistance, counseling, and support. Other Catholic Charities services include financial, medical and utilities assistance, clothing, housing, health care, and child care. This site provides links to local branches, each of which provides direct assistance.

Disaster Recovery and Assistance

The LSU AgCenter has an array of information about recovering from the multiple problems caused by hurricanes, floods, storms, extended power outages and other stressful, dangerous events. Dangers include disease from insects and other pests, and illness from contaminated flood waters.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA’s website explains what disaster assistance and housing needs assistance are, who qualifies, and what other services FEMA offers, provides an online application and apply-by-phone directions, and allows users to check the status of their applications and find out how they can spend their assistance money.

Lutheran Services in America (LSA)

LSA’s emergency and disaster services include clothing, emergency housing, financial assistance, food programs, legal aid, telephone crisis support and referrals, and support services. This site can be searched for services regionally or by type of assistance needed.

Pets and Disaster: Be Prepared

This page of the Red Cross website advises pet owners on how to plan for their pets’ safety in the event of a disaster. Red Cross shelters do not accept pets, so it is essential to be prepared in advance.… After a Disaster

The American Red Cross’s website on preparedness is intended to help seniors, children and people with disabilities in particular prepare for natural disasters and emergencies. This page has instructions on how to perform many tasks involved in recovery from disaster.…

Salvation Army

Among the Salvation Army’s disaster response and recovery programs are counseling and support programs, financial assistance, shelter provision, and the distribution of water, food, furniture, building materials, sanitary, infant and child care products, medicines, bedding and other items for which an immediate need exists. This website can locate nearby branches by a zip code search.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Among the many services provided by the St. Vincent de Paul Society are emergency financial assistance, emergency transportation and disaster relief and victim services. This website allows users to search for local councils offering assistance.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Disasters & Emergencies

HHS has a page of links to information and resources for all types of disasters and emergencies. Click on ‘Disaster Relief’ to find organizations offering aid in times of emergency.

United Way

The United Way provides assistance in every step of recovery from disaster.

SCORE: Counselors to America’s Small Business

SCORE provides disaster assistance for small businesses. Their website lists tips, tools, downloads, mentoring, and state links.

When Waters Rise: Nine Basic Steps for Flood Response and Recovery

The Library of Congress Preservation Directorate provides information to support preservation, including emergency preparedness and disaster response for individuals and families as well as libraries, archives, and museums.

Products and Services

American Cancer Society: Tender Loving Care

TLC is a magazine/catalog with articles and helpful advice for women coping with cancer treatment and the resulting changes in appearance. Products like wigs, hairpieces, breast forms, prostheses, bras, hats, turbans and swimwear are available for purchase.…

Look Good… Feel Better

Look Good… Feel Better is a public service program that helps women offset appearance-related changes from cancer treatment. They offer group programs and one-on-one consultations about hair replacement options, skin care and make-up application; self-help kits for those unable to access LGFB; and a 24 hour hotline for information and referrals: 1-800-395-LOOK

Cleaning for a Reason Foundation

This nonprofit organization offers free professional housecleaning, and maid services to improve the lives of women undergoing treatment for cancer.

Luminous Breast Cancer Foundation

Luminous Breast Cancer Foundation provides products, services and educational programs for the uninsured and under-served breast cancer patient. Patients can apply for the following products in order to look and feel like themselves: wigs, hair re-growth products, hats and headwear, make-up, prostheses, pocketed bras, pocketed swimwear, swim forms, nail care, soothing skin care, non-carcinogenic deodorants, feminine lubricant products, and lymphedema compression garments.

The Neighborhood Economic Development and Advocacy Project (NEDAP)

Frozen Bank Account

How to Dispute a Debt or Collection Notice

Sample Cease Letter (to a Collections Agent)

Sixteen Rules About Which Debts to Pay First

Vacating a Default Judgment


The Actors Fund

The Actors Fund is a national human services organization that helps everyone – on stage and those behind the scenes – who works in entertainment and performing arts. As a safety net for those in need, crisis or transition, The Actors Fund provides comprehensive social services including counseling, crisis intervention and connections to local resources for personal, family or work related problems as well as emergency financial assistance for basic living necessities.

The Haven Foundation

The Haven Foundation makes grants to freelance writers and artists experiencing career-threatening illness, accident, natural disaster or other emergency or personal catastrophe. The grants are renewable for up to five years ending approval of renewal application.

Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Assistance Fund

The Fund serves veterans of the theatrical community – those who have worked in the exhibition, distribution or production of theater or movies – who are encountering an illness, injury or life-changing event. Call the Fund at 888-994-3863 for information about their aid and grant programs.

Entertainment and Performing Arts Union and Guild Assistance Funds

American Federation of Musicians: The Lester Petrillo Memorial Fund

The Lester Petrillo Memorial Fund for Disabled Musicians provides a modest grant to temporarily or permanently disabled musicians who are members of the AFM.

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists Financial Assistance

AFTRA members of at least two years’ standing may be eligible for grants for living expenses. For local East of Omaha, this includes the AFTRA Theatre Authority Fund, and the Serviceman’s Fund, which assists veterans. For more information about these Funds contact Ken Haug at 212-863-4240. For locals West of Omaha, AFTRA offers the Frank Nelson Sick and Benefit Fund (see above).

American Guild of Musical Artists Relief Fund

AGMA members in good standing may be eligible for emergency financial assistance. Grants are administered by The Actors Fund from the New York, Chicago and Los Angeles offices.

American Guild of Variety Artists

AGVA members who have completed initiation and paid dues for one year can apply for emergency aid for basic needs or medical expenses. Contact the Los Angeles office at 818-508-9984 or the New York office at 212-675-1003.

Directors Guild Foundation

The DGA provides confidential loans to members who are facing short term financial hardship.

Screen Actors Guild Foundation

The Foundation provides emergency financial assistance for the aid, relief and care of SAG members west of the Mississippi in times of need.

Screen Actors Guild Foundation Catastrophic Health Fund

The Fund provides grants to eligible Guild members and their dependents who suffer from catastrophic illness or injury and are unable to afford the Guild Health Plan’s Self-Pay Program.

Screen Actors Guild Motion Picture Players Welfare Fund

The Motion Picture Players Welfare Fund provides emergency financial assistance to SAG members east of the Mississippi struggling with a financial, personal or medical crisis. The MPPWF can be used for rent, utilities, mental health, medical care, and other basic living expenses. The fund is administered by The Actors Fund; contact The Actors Fund for more information.

Writers Guild of America

The Good & Welfare Fund provides temporary assistance to WGA members experiencing financial stress in emergency situations. Loans are intended to assist in the procurement of life necessities.

Dramatists Guild Fund

The Fund provides confidential grants to professional dramatists experiencing personal hardships such as health-related problems or the temporary loss of income. Recipients need not be Dramatists Guild members.

Episcopal Actors’ Guild of America

The Emergency Aid and Relief Program gives grants to professional performing artists in emergency situations or crises. Grants are given only after the applicant’s needs have not been substantially met by their parent union or The Actors Fund, and/or other charitable organizations.

RESCU Foundation

The RESCU Foundation was established to promote and maintain the health and medical well-being of the participants of Renaissance Faires, historical performances and other artistic events through several programs including financial assistance for emergency medical needs.



ASCAP offers its members emergency interest-bearing loans on royalties and advances based on earnings.

Blues Foundation HART Fund

The HART Fund (Handy Artists Relief Trust) provides financial assistance to Blues musicians in need (and their families) due to a broad range of health concerns. The Fund provides for acute, chronic and preventive medical and dental care as well as funeral expenses. Grants generally range between $250 and $1500.

Dramatists Guild Fund

The Fund provides confidential grants to professional dramatists experiencing personal hardships such as health-related problems or the temporary loss of income. Recipients need not be Dramatists Guild members.

Gospel Music Trust Fund

The Gospel Music Trust Fund provides financial assistance in the event of an emergency or major catastrophe, terminal or severe illness, to individuals who have derived a substantial portion of their income from the field of Gospel music.

Grand Ole Opry Trust Fund

Any person who has been employed full time in the country music industry may be eligible for financial aid from The Opry Trust Fund.

Jazz Foundation of America

The Musicians’ Emergency Fund offers aid to elder jazz and blues musicians in crisis.

Marshall and Mary Brondum Special Assistance Foundation

The Special Assistance Foundation offers financial assistance to folk musicians. There is no website or telephone number; contact them at: Marshall and Mary Brondum Special Assistance Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 3106 Missoula, MT 59806-3106

Motown/ Universal Music Group Fund

The Fund provides grants for assistance to R&B recording artists formerly affiliated with Universal Music Group and any of its labels, to ensure that artists in need have access to financial resources for health, welfare and medical needs.

Music Maker Relief Foundation

The Musical Sustenance Program gives grants to meet basic life needs and emergency relief to people 55 years or older and rooted in a Southern musical tradition.


The Emergency Financial Assistance Program covers financial, medical and personal emergencies. Eligibility is based on at least five years in the industry or credited contribution to six commercially released recordings or videos.

Musicians Foundation

Musicians Foundation helps professional musicians by providing emergency financial assistance in meeting current living, medical and allied expenses. All professional musicians are eligible to apply.

Rhythm and Blues Foundation

The fund provides emergency financial assistance to former Motown artists of the 1960s and 1970s.

Society of Singers

SOS helps singers who have financial needs resulting from personal, family, or medical crises. Applicants must have derived their primary income from professional singing for five or more years.


Cancer Care Assist

Cancer Care provides limited grants to individuals for certain expenses related to treatment.

Mayer Foundation

The Foundation makes economic relief grants to individuals suffering or in distress as a result of poverty, low income or lack of financial resources.

Individual Artists and Small Arts Organizations

Artist Conference Network

The Artist Conference Network is a unique coaching community for people doing creative work. The Network is comprised of small groups throughout the US. Members are trained to coach and be coached.

Arts Resource Network

Arts Resource Network provides funding for individual artists and artists organizations

Association for Performing Arts Presenters

Association for Performing Arts Presenters is a national service and advocacy organization. APAA provides professional development, resource sharing, visionary thinking, and advocacy.

California Artist Council (CAC)

California Artist Council contains a source of information linking artists and arts organizations to a variety of arts funding sources from governments, foundations and private sources

Creative Capital

Creative Capital provides support to artists who pursue innovation in form and/or content in the performing and visual arts, film and video, and in emerging fields.

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF)

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Supports performing artists in contemporary dance, jazz, and theatre and the professional nonprofit arts organizations

Fractured Atlas

Fractured Atlas provides services and support to artists and artist organizations.

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)

New York Foundation for the Arts is one of the largest grant makers to individual artists.

NYFA Source

NYFA Source is a comprehensive database of awards, services, and publications for artists in all disciplines.

Pollock-Krasner Foundation

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation’s dual criteria for grants are recognizable artistic merit and demonstrable financial need, whether professional, personal or both.

Puffin Foundation

Puffin Foundation Grants are open to emerging artists in the fields of art, photography, music, theater, dance, and literature whose works due to their genre and/or social philosophy might have difficult being aired.

The National Foundation Center

The National Foundation Center contains a comprehensive list of funding available to individual artists and artists’ organizations.

Treatment and Clinical Trials

Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups

The Coalition’s TrialCheck is daily-updated source of more than 4,000 cancer clinical trials, with a screening questionnaire that will identify appropriate trials.

National Cancer Institute

The NCI website lists over 6,000 clinical trials in their online database, searchable by type of cancer, type of trial, and location.

Educational Scholarships and Planning


AARP Foundation’s Women’s Scholarship Program

The AARP Foundation’s Women’s Scholarship Program helps women 40 and over overcome financial and employment barriers by allowing them to participate in education and training opportunities. is a resource for scholarship for adults returning to college, including a list of printed guides.

Affordable Colleges Foundation

Affordable Colleges Foundation came to be in 2011 with the mission to provide strategies and information about pursuing an affordable higher education. Their free community resource and tools span topics such as financial-aid and college savings strategies, affordability and scorecard rankings, opportunities for Veterans and people with disabilities, and online learning resources. This page that allows students to find and research non-profit, accredited online colleges by state, subject, religious affiliation, and other specialties

American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (AFTRA)/Heller Memorial Foundation

AFTRA/Heller Memorial Foundation awards are offered to qualified AFTRA members and their dependent children for academic study in any field or for professional training in the performing arts.

Back to School : Adults and Higher Education

Top 10 Online provides essential information about adult learning and continuing education.

Career Transition for Dancers

Career Transition for Dancers provides counseling and scholarship funds for dancers seeking a new career.

College Art Association

The College Art Association’s Professional Development Fellowship for Masters of Fine Arts(MFA) Candidates provides funding to bridge the gap between graduate study and professional careers.

th-7 provides a list of scholarships and grants for students applying to and/or attending Illinois postsecondary institution.

Fast Web

Fast Web provides comprehensive information on national, local, and college specific scholarships.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

FAFSA serves as the first step for higher education scholarship information. All government programs and most private scholar programs require completion and filling of this application.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarship program to help cultivate the next generation of great artists and writers with the establishment of the Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Award. The new award, worth up to $50,000 per year, will recognize and reward the most promising up-and-coming artists and writers from lower-income backgrounds.

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Foundation’s John L. Dales Scholarship Fund

The SAG Foundation’s John L. Dales Scholarship Fund provides SAG members and their children pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund

Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to women determined to finally get that college degree. Must be seeking an undergraduate degree from an accredited two- or four-year college or university, or vocational-technical school.

Willard Swire Scholarship

The Willard Swire Scholarship provides financial support to qualified Actors Fund clients making a transition to a new career and enrolled in a degree or certificate program.…

Small Business and Entrepreneur

Business Gov

Business.Gov is the United States government site with information for small business loans and grants, and resources relevant to maintaining a small business.

Business Town

Business Town is an online magazine for small business owners.


SCORE offers free and confidential advice and counseling to help you build your business-from idea to start-up to success

Small Business Network Resources Library (SBN)

Small Business Network Library provides services and resources for individuals maintaining, operating, and working in small businesses.

United States Small Business Administration

The United States Small Business Administration offers assistance to entrepreneurs and business owners, from start-up to business management and financing, and more.

Wall Street Journal Online

Wall Street Journal Online is a resource for business owners.

Services and Assistance

My Bridge 4 Life

My Bridge 4 Life is a wellness network designed to help patients, caregivers, supporters and individuals create a personalized wellness plan.

Home Advisor

Looking for information on senior care options? This article won’t tell you everything you need to know about senior care, but it will enumerate your basic options, loose cost estimates.

Testing Sites

National HIV Testing Resources

This site is a searchable database of testing facilities across the country, based on zip code.

The Body: The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource

This site has extensive information about the basics of HIV testing, the tests commonly administered, where to get tested, national policies and more.

Treatment Information


AIDS Community Research Initiative of America

ACRIA studies new treatments for HIV/AIDS and related diseases, and conducts a comprehensive HIV health literacy program.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program

This database lists contact information for the ADAP program in every state, as well as eligibility guidelines and practical information about ADAP.

AIDS Education Global Information System

AEGIS is the largest free-access library on the subject of AIDS, with over a million articles on the subject. Using its search function, published material on any topic related to HIV/AIDS can be located.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

‘AHF is the nation’s largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care. It offers cutting-edge medicine and advocacy, regardless of ability to pay to more than 27,000 people in the United States, Africa, Central America and Asia.’

AIDS Treatment News

A feature of, ATN tracks current articles on AIDS treatment, and has archives going back to 1986.

Drug Company Patient Assistance Programs

Most pharmaceutical companies have programs to provide free prescription drugs to people with no insurance, inadequate insurance, or financial difficulties. Eligibility varies for each company, and often a healthcare provider must contact the company. This page provides contact information for the Patient Assistance Programs of the manufacturers of most prescription drugs used to treat HIV/AIDS.

Project Inform

Comprehensive, up-to-date HIV and AIDS treatment publications are available on this site.

The Body: HIV Treatment

This section of The Body lists extensive treatment-related topics, with comprehensive research material on each.

Know Your Facts – Drugs and Alcohol

Information about the risks of drug and alcohol usage and important information resources.

Futures of Palm Beach- What It’s Like to Attend Your First 12-Step Meeting

This source to provides practical guidance on an incredibly common barrier to 12 step recovery. The content is produced and evaluated by treatment experts at a well-respected addiction treatment provider, and addresses an area that many online 12 step resources do not: the personal psychological obstacles to attending the first meeting and the specific ways they can be overcome.

Clinical Trials

AIDSinfo: A Service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

This site allows users to search for current clinical trials studying HIV/AIDS by category, condition, demographics and location., a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, is a searchable database of federally and privately supported clinical research in human volunteers.

The Adult AIDS Clinical Trial Group

AACTG is the largest HIV clinical trials organization in the world. This site has a database of contact information for all hospitals and medical centers in the United States conducting clinical research on HIV.

Nutrition and Alternative Treatments


AIDS & HIV: Alternative Medicine Resources

This page is a resource list of non-traditional and complementary therapies and treatments for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Life Science Pharmacy and Nutritional Warehouse

Life Science Pharmacy specializes in natural and specialized pharmaceutical medicines for chronic immune problems.

National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

NCCAM is the federal government’s lead agency for scientific research on complementary and alternative medicine. This site documents the organization’s research, health information and clinical trials related to HIV/AIDS.


Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States

SIECUS serves as the national voice for sexuality education, sexual health and sexual rights. This site is a good source for facts and updates on HIV policies and state profiles on various HIV/AIDS topics.

Resources for Specific Populations

Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations

AAPCHO provides a central resource database of health education and resource materials for medically underserved Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs).

Elder Law Attorneys

The Fisher Center of Alzheimer’s Foundation Research provides a list of attorneys specializing in elder law, searchable by city or zip code.

Lambda Legal

Lambda Legal is committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and those with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work. This site is also useful in finding laws regarding employment, relationship and parenting protection in every state.

Latino Commission on AIDS

The Commission promotes health advocacy for Latinos and HIV education, develops model prevention programs for high-risk communities, and assists in building capacity in community organizations.

National Association on HIV Over Fifty

NAHOF provides advocacy, education, communication and support for HIV positive older adults, their families and those who provide care or conduct research on their behalf.

National Minority AIDS Council

The National Minority AIDS Council is dedicated to developing leadership within communities of color to address the challenges of HIV/AIDS.

National Pediatric AIDS Network

NPAN provides education, advocacy and emotional support to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, from preconception through adolescence.

Living with Disabilities: What Help is Available?

Specifically targeted for UK residents, this guide provides information about the types of resources available for people living with disabilities.


America Association for Geriatric Psychiatry

This site provides information on alcohol and drug misuse, dementias, caregiving, depression and psychiatry in the geriatric community. It also has a national “Find A Geriatric Psychiatrist” tool.

American Psychological Association

This site is a resource for articles on mental health and wellness topics. It also has a national search tool for locating psychologists.

Healthy Minds

This website is affiliated with the American Psychiatric Association and offers a host of articles and mental health resources as well as the ‘Locate a Psychiatrist’ tool.

Help Starts Here

This website is affiliated with the National Association of Social Workers and has an online library of articles on health, mental health, wellness, family and aging issues. A national social work finder is also provided.

National Institute of Mental Health

NIMH has information on mental health symptoms, clinical trials for psychotropic medications and a national treatment locator.

Psychology Today

In addition to a variety of mental health related articles this web site version of the magazine has a ‘therapy center’ that provides information on how to choose a therapist.

Screening for Mental Health

This site provides facts about mood and anxiety disorders, a suicide prevention guide for adults and teens and a locator of National Depression Screening Sites.

eHealth Medicare

eHealth Medicare provides useful tips and information on how to avoid Medicare billing fraud and abuse.

Information for Parents and Teens

Columbia University’s TeenScreen Program

The TeenScreen Program is a national mental health and suicide risk screening tool to help parents identify teens at risk.

This site provides guides to understanding attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and clinical depression: causes, symptoms and treatment options.

Student Health and Wellness Guide

This guide explains the importance of maintaining health and wellness for college students, discloses why healthier habits are important, and offers recommendations on making positive choices.

A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Kids About Drugs & Alcohol

This source provides useful information as well as statistics to assist parents in talking about drugs and alcohol with their children.

Career Planning and Counseling

The Actors Fund Work Program (AWP)

Actors Work Program is the Actors Fund’s employment and training program. AWP assists entertainment and performing arts professionals in identifying and finding careers/jobs that complement their industry careers or are seeking a new career.

Career Builder

Career Builder provides access to thousand of jobs openings. Information on job listing, searches, and services, salary calculation, advice, and recommendations.

Career Transition for Dancers

Career Transition for Dancers provides counseling and scholarship funds for dancers seeking a new career.

National Career Development Association (NCDA)

NCDA provides services to the public and professionals involved with or interested in career development. A source for information about career counseling and a resource for referrals.

Online Information Network (O*Net)

The O*NET is the United States primary source of occupational information on key attributes and characteristics of workers and occupations. Contains government labor management, career, and occupation information.

Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal

Career Journal contains articles on choosing a career, job search, and career and job management.

What Color Is Your Parachute? Job Hunter Bible

Job Hunters Bible is a selective collection of information and resources for job seekers, advice, articles and links on jobs, resumes, research, and counseling.

Disney Family Parenting

Disney Family Parenting online provides a wide array of information on pregnancy, babies, toddlers, preschools, pre-teens and teens. Material on learning, nutrition, behavior & wellness can be found under specific age categories. This site also includes a “Parentpedia,” which is an online encyclopedia for parents. Links to travel ideas, food, entertainment and family fun are provided. provides information about pregnancy and a variety of topics for parents with children 0-18 (school, life, entertainment etc.). In addition, the site includes material for parents with children with special needs on subjects such as testing, making progress academically and emotionally, and supporting your special needs child. This parenting resource is also an online community, which contains parenting advice, message boards and blogs.

National Association for the Education of Young Children

NAEYC conatins information for families on their website, which include publications (brochures, articles, books & journals) on early education and child development. They administer ‘Young Children,’ an award winning peer reviewed journal on a range of young children issues that is published bi-monthly. You can search for a NAEYC accredited child program as well as books for families and children. contains information on pregnancy, babies, toddlers, children 2-13, activities, being a mother, recipes, and family products and toys. The site also includes blogs, forums and links to child safety organizations, party planning, kids’ games and other resources for parents., a service of Boys Town, is a online resource that provides parenting tips, advice, guidance and resources. Information is grouped into age groups (0-4, 5-9, 10-14, 15+) and categories (life lessons, education, safety and parenting). You can search for parenting tips on behavior, school, medical care, and other important issues. Parenting books, DVDs, videos, audiotapes, posters, booklets and more are also available to help you provide the best care for your children. They also offer a 24 hr hotline (1-800-448-3000) helping parents and children deal with problems, parenting issues or other difficulties.

Zero to Three

Zero to Three is a national nonprofit multidisciplinary organization that informs, educates and supports adults who influence the lives of infants and toddlers. Brain development, early care and education, health and nutrition, and social emotional development are just a few of the topics that are discussed. Zero to Three also publishes ‘Zero to Three Journal,’ a bi-monthly publication and has an online bookstore with books on a variety of topics regarding children. is designed to provide information for birthmothers and adoptive parents. This site will help you every step of the way through their comprehensive guides, links and advice about pre-adoption and post-adoption. Topics include internation adoption, foster care, pregnancy, parenting, adoption products and more. This site can help you find local adoption resources, support groups, loans and other services that can help you have a successful adoption and family. The site also includes an online community including blogs, forums, journals and chats.

The Adoption Guide

The Adoption Guide website provides helpful information and resources for adoptive parents. Topics include adoption options, the process, cost, advice and parenting. This site includes a directory of adoption agencies, attorneys and doctors as well as support groups and local advice events for adoptive parents.

Alzheimer’s Disease

The Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association supports those in need of information, education, and support regarding Alzheimer’s in a variety of ways, which includes a 24-hour hotline, local organizational chapters, a publication and free library access, online resources, an online community, conferences, and wanderer’s security program, in addition to raising funds for research and advocacy.

The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation

The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation dedicates itself to finding the cause, the cure, and care improvement for individuals with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. They also offer online resources that provides information about Alzheimer’s, as well as a newsletter, a magazine, and workshops. In addition, they run fundraising campaigns.


New Lifestyles

This site offers options in housing such as continuing care retirement communities, assisted living, residential care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, home care, day care, care management and hospice care.

Nursing Home and Hospital Locator/ Compare

The Medicare website provides information on long-term care planning, steps to choosing long-term care and explanations of different services. This site also offers tools to search for and compare nursing homes, long-term care facilities, home health agencies and hospitals.

Financial Assistance


Operation Helping HEAL

Operation Helping HEAL provides stop-gap assistance to veterans and service members who experience unforeseeable, temporary and undue hardship for reasons generally beyond their control.

The American Legion’s Temporary Financial Assistance

Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) was established in the 1920s by The American Legion to keep children of deceased or disabled veterans at home rather than in institutions. This cash aid is still available for cases not covered by subsequent state and federal programs for the needy. The fund helps families meet the costs of shelter, food, utilities and health expenses when parents are unable.

Miracle Wings for Kids provides a helpful list of organizations to assist families with ill children who are struggling to pay medical finances. There are several non-profit organizations that offer “miracle wings”, meaning assistance with transportation for medical services, often at little or no cost to the family. Getting to a treatment facility many miles from home is often the biggest hurdle families face, and these organizations aim to help with this problem.

Physical Health

Civilian Health And Medical Program of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA)

CHAMPVA is a comprehensive health care program in which the VA shares the cost of covered health care services and supplies with eligible beneficiaries.

Pharmacy Benefits Management Services

All information about pharmaceutical benefits, prices, safety, and other concerns to veterans is on this site.

Veterans Administration Health Benefits

The VA provides a comprehensive Medical Benefits Package to all enrolled Veterans. This plan provides a full range of preventive outpatient and inpatient services within VA health care system. Once enrolled, veterans can be seen at any VA facility across the country. Family members may also be eligible to receive health benefits.

Veterans’ Medical Facilities Locator & Directory

The U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs website has an easy-to-use feature that locates all clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities nationwide.

The Students Guide to Nutrition

This resource walks the reader through the science behind nutrition, helping them understand the benefits of certain foods, and just what makes unhealthy foods so bad for us. It also offers recommendations for eating well on a budget, and making smart choices in a dining hall.

Mental Health

Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)

Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) services are available for soldiers, family members of active duty, DA Civilian employees, military retirees and their family members with alcohol and other drug-related problems. Services provided include individual couseling, group, family counseling, command consultation, outpatient counseling, arrangement for inpatient care and coordination with outside self-help groups. The site also explains eligibility, hours of duty during the program, and other programs.

The VA’s Mental Health Services

VHA provides a variety of psychiatric services at medical centers and outpatient clinics. This site explains the services available for suicidal veterans, and those suffering from PTSD, substance abuse, and the difficulty transitioning after deployment.

Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students provides an informative mental health resource guide for college students. The guide not only informs students about specific mental illnesses, but also provides tips and information on how to cope and maintain good mental health.

Top 5 Mental Health Problems Facing College Students

Take a deeper look into some of the most common issues, approaching each in terms of understanding symptoms, recognizing the signs of illness in yourself and others, and how to best get help. BestColleges provide a greater context to the mental health discussion, explaining student rights and common treatments

Job Postings

Association for Performing Arts Presenters (APAA)

Association for Performing Arts Presenters provides a database of job listing. APAA is a national service and advocacy organization. APAA provides professional development, resource sharing, visionary thinking, and advocacy.


Craigslist lists jobs in various disciplines.


Idealist lists job and volunteer opportunities in the nonprofit industry.


Indeed is a search engine that allows you browse and compare jobs by industry.

Job Hunt

Job Hunt provides a compilation of job search engines.

NYFA Source

NYFA Source is a comprehensive database of awards, services, and publications for artists in all disciplines.

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